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Meet & Make New Friends
Diving is not only about.. diving. Its about meeting
new like-minded individual who enjoy diving as much
as you. Diving is fun... but really its diving with people
that is fun!
A Beautiful Getaway. A Relaxing Dive
Matahari Resort, Tulamben, Bali
We have 10 years of experience in this field.
With an experience and capable instructors


Learn how to SCUBA Dive with us at Bubble Breakers. We are a scuba diving shop located in Damansara Kim, Malaysia that is fully qualified to develop your skill in scuba diving. No mattter if you are just starting to learn how to dive, or would like to develop your diving skill further, our qualified TDI/SDI Instructor will be able to guide you in a fun and safe environment.

We organized diving trip all year round to beautiful dive location around Malaysia and Asia. We have organized trip to Tioman, Redang, Tenggol, Sipadan, Tulamben, Bali, Malapascua, Maldvies, Komodo and so forth. You can join us for these dive trip as leisure diver or to take your certification with us.

Our Dive Shop are well equipped with Dive equipments with attractive brands like Cessi, Mares, Bare, IST, Suunto. So if you are in the shop for a new Dive Computer or even Underwater Photography tool, we should have the equipment you need.

Upcoming Trips

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06 Jun 2016 - 09 Jun 2016

Bubble Breakers Scuba Diving !

Some reasons to join us for diving...
  • Trained & Certified Instructors.
  • Well Equip Dive Equipments.
  • Start in a Pool First.
  • Get Certified even if you are busy.

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