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5 Things You Need to Know about Scuba Diving

Hey SpongeBob SquarePants, move aside cos’ you’re not the only one who likes living under the sea, we do too, at times. Plus, we got the fun facts why we love to do so when we scuba dive.

  1. Wetsuits keep divers warm
    We admit it is weird when you have a tight suit hugging your silhouette, so much so you could see that awkward body shape that you’ve been hiding all the while. The cool side to it is wetsuits are made of neoprene materials that are highly durable and contains Nitrogen gas bubbles which is the reason you feel warm underwater. Nitrogen gas is a poor conductor of heat, thus preventing sea water from drawing out all your body heat. So what was is about that not-so-pretty silhouette again?
  2. Colours disappear under water
    Don’t be alarmed when you see hues of red, orange and yellow fading away from your eyesight, as it is only normal. What would be abnormal is if you actually do see all the colours. Water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees, resulting in the colours simply vanishing according to the colour spectrum as you dive deeper.
  3. Diving deeper gets you tipsy.
    Alright, we might have lied when we said tipsy, we meant drunk. Yes, you read that right. Whoever said you needed alcohol to get to your happy place should try scuba diving instead. Nitrogen narcosis also know as Martini effect can be defined as breathing in air higher than the atmospheric pressure gets you in a drowsy state. As you experience raptures of the deep, so will you get more turnt.
  4. The director of Titanic is a deep sea explorer
    James Cameron dived to the deepest point of the ocean called Challenger Deep, did we mention it he broke the records for diving solo? Yes, you read that right. For the movie Titanic, James Cameron made 12 submersible dives to the wreck which is located two and a half miles down in the North Atlantic. Talk about nailing only the best movie every created?
  5. Sound travels faster under water
    If you often wondered where all the sounds come from when you are diving, don’t bother playing the guessing game cos’ it is almost impossible to identify where it actually is from. Sound waves which travel four times faster underwater than compared in normal air is caused due to particles which are much closer together that transmits the vibration energy faster from one particle to another.


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